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Hey Fellas, After a Long Time We Came Back With a New Post For Our Readers. You Already Get an Idea About What Method we are Going To Share With You all. In This Post We Gonna Discuss with You About How To Skip Surveys i.e How To Bypass Online Surveys in Just Few Sec.

Have You seen the first Para, I have Tried My Best To Collect all Question Realted To this Topic. We will Start This Post From Basic. After Reading This Fully Informative Article On ” How To Bypass Online Surveys ” You will be able to Get Out of These Time Consuming Surveys.

Whenever You are Trying to Download Any Software Or Game, Then These Online Surveys Will Came On the Site To Annoy You. Mostly Full Version softwares and Paid Software files are Locked inside the Surveys. And If You are Like a Guy Who Wants Everything without doing any Hard Work, Then Definitely You will Leave The Site and Move On To Next Site.

Ahh! Your Problem is Not Solved Yet, You will again meet with this Survey Page On Other Website also. Bypass Online Surveys are The Biggest Headache Of All Time. Keep Reading the post For The Top 5 Best Method To Bypass Online Survey

I Have seen Many of Guys Filing Long Online Surveys to Download the Full version File/Software. You will find the Online Surveys Everywhere On the Internet. Have You Ever Think Why Those High Authority Blogs/Website are Hiding the File Behind The Survey. Scroll Down the Page To Know The Reason..! Keep Reading The Post To Know the Simplest Method Of How To Skip Online Surveys.

Purpose Behind Locking Surveys

Online Surveys are Also a Method To Earn Money. Yup ! Sound cool Naa.. You Can Easily Earn A big Amount By Advertising Your Own Online Survey’s. Purpose Behind Locking Survey’s is To Earn Money. Surveys are Not Only the Problem, There are Millions Of Site Who Don’t Give Access To The Full version Software after Filling Surveys. They have added Fake link’s behind These Surveys.

To Bypass an Online Surveys You Have To Fill Your Details Like Name, Phone Number, Email Id and Even Address. These Spammy survey site Collect Your Data and use it for other Purposes. Also They Will Spam Your Mail Box with Their Fake Offers. Don’t Worry Friends, In this Post We are Going To Share 5 Best Method To Bypass Online Surveys For Free.

People Spend Their Precious Time In Finding the Way To Bypass Online Surveys, How to Skip Surveys, How To Bypass Surveys To Download Files, Way to bypass Online Surveys in Android, Bypass Online Surveys 2017 and many more. There are Few Simple Methods To Skip Online Surveys. We Have Added All the Latest Working Method On How To Bypass Online Surveys ?  Let’s Have A Look At all the Method To Skip Online Surveys !

List Of Popular Survey Sites

  • Fileice
  • Cleanfiles
  • Dollar Upload

List Of Best Paid Online Survey Websites

  • Swagbucks
  • Tolima
  • Valued Opinions
  • YouGov
  • Vivatick
  • My Survey
  • Crowdology
  • OnePoll
  • Ipos i-say
  • Survey Bods
  • Populus Live
  • Global Test Market
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Opinion Panel Community
  • MindMover
  • Ipoll
  • Hiving
  • Panel Base
  • Pincone Research
  • New Vista Live

Finally The Basic To Bypass Online Surveys Has Come To An End. Now Let’s Focus on Method To Skip Online Surveys Or How To Bypass Online Surveys in Just Few Minutes. Below we are sharing Top 5 Best Method To Bypass Online Surveys or How To Skip Online Surveys in Just Few Seconds. Without Wasting The Time Here We Go With Our Top 5 Best Method To Bypass Online Surveys!

How to Bypass Online Surveys ?

Follow Each And Every Method To Skip Online Surveys. Atleast One Method Or More than One Method will Work For You. For Our Visitors Safety We Have Tested Almost All The Method On Our Own. All these Methods to Skip Online Surveys are Working. Let’s Break the Suspense !

1. Bypass Online Surveys Using Website 

Bypass Online Surveys

Here is The First Method to Bypass Surveys to Download any File. There are Several Website Which Let You to Skip The Online Surveys By Just Entering the URL. In this Post, We are Going To Bypass The Online Surveys Using Site : . This Website help You To Skip Annoying Internet Surveys In Just Few Minutes.

Follow the Below Steps To Bypass/Skip Online Surveys For Free :

  • First Of All, Visit
  • Open the Website In Your Phone/Pc
  • Next Copy the URL Of Survey Page From Where You want To Download Your File
  • On Surveybypass Homepage You will see a Box
  • Enter Your Copied Url in The Box
  • Hit the Go Button
  • Voilà…! You Will Get Access To Your Hidden Files Behind The Survey Within Few Seconds
  • Enjoy 🙂

2. Browser Extension To Skip Online Surveys

Skip Bypass Surveys

In this Method To Bypass Online Surveys in Android, We Will Make Use Of Browser Extensions. This is The Best Ever and Simplest Method To Bypass Online Survey Without Any Time Waste. Hope You All Have Heard About various Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Extension. Extension are the JavaScript Which help us to Perform The Task Very Quickly. Browser Extension work’s Automatically With any Surveys Site.

Here is the List of Browser Extensions To Get Rid Of Online Surveys :

  • XJZ Chrome Extension
  • Survey Remover Extension
  • Auto Overlay Remover
  • Survey Skipper
  • Survey Cash Killer
  • Survey Remover AddOn

Install Any Of these Survey On Your PC To Skip Online Surveys. You Will Get All these Browser Extensions Download Link On Internet. Let’s Proceed to Next Method To Remove Online Surveys.

3. Bypass Surveys By Disabling JavaScript

In Our List Of Methods To Skip Online Surveys, Bypass Surveys Using JavaScript Comes On 3rd Number. It is Little Bit Professional Method To Bypass Online Survey Easily. However, This Method Is Much Easier Than Above Mentioned Methods.

How to Bypass Surveys in Android

To Skip Surveys Using This Method, You Have To Disable JavaScript On Your Browser. For Example If You are Using Chrome, Then Move To Chrome Setting And Disable JavaScript There. That’s All After Performing These Step, You Will Never Encountered any Online Surveys and Popups.

4. Extract URLs

You Can Also Block Online Surveys by Putting Some Code In Your Search Console. To Use This, You Have To Go to inspect Element View. To Access Inspect Element, Right Click On Survey page, Now You will See an option “Inspect Element”.

How To Skip Online Surveys

Now To Extract Urls, You have To Paste The Below Mentioned Code in Your Console Tab. Using This Method, You Can Extract All Download Hyperlinks with Their Anchor Text. Copy the Code From Below and Get Out Of The Annoying Online Surveys.

Code To Extract URLs

var urls=$$(‘a’);
for(url in urls){
console.log(“#”+url+” > “+urls[url].innerHTML +” >> “+urls[url].href)

5. Using No Script On Firefox

How to Bypass Surveys

Follow below Mentioned Steps To Skip Online Surveys. This Method Works In All Case. Let’s Have a Look At This Method :

  • Open Firefox In Your PC
  • Go to No Script Download Site
  • Click On Install
  • Click On Allow If Prompted
  • Next Click on Restart Now Option
  • Try visiting a site that uses a survey content blocker
  • The survey should be blocked by the Plugin Automatically
  • But there is no guarantee that this will always work
  • You can give it a Try as This Method Works In My Case
  • Enjoy 🙂


So Friends, We Finally Came To An End To This Long Informative Post On How To Bypass Online Survey For Free. We Have Tried Our Best To Make This Post as Informative as we Can, So That Our Visitors will Get Full Detailed Information Regarding This Topic.

If You Have Any Doubt Regarding This Topic, Plz Let Us Know In Comment Section. Also, If You Have Any Other Method To Skip Online Surveys then, Must Shout Out In Comment Section.We Are Glad To Hear From Our Lovely Visitors.

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